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Business jet deliveries were flat through the first half of 2018, while turboprop shipments jumped nearly 10 percent year-over-year, according to delivery statistics released today by the General Aviation Manufacturers Association.


Acordos trazem maior precisão no planejamento de pessoal operacional e aumento na produtividade operacional de todo o sistema de gerenciamento do tráfego aéreo nacional e internacional


The FAA and EASA recently took further steps to ease product validations, including signing a new agreement that will result in lower approval fees. The Bilateral Oversight Board Decision 0008 (BOB 0008) was endorsed during the 17th Annual FAA-EASA International Safety Conference held last week in Washington, D.C., essentially outlining the parameters of involvement of the validating agency, the amount of time, and percent of fees that will be assessed for various validations.


At the recent EBACE show in Geneva, Embraer debuted a new seat design for the Legacy 450 and 500 business jets. Jay Beever, the company’s vice president of interior design, showed us around the new design details and demonstrated how the seats are berthed. We started out on the Legacy 450, and then moved over to the 500 to check out another interior style.


Nos últimos cinco meses o setor de aviação, em especial o segmento de helicópteros, trabalhou para que o resgate aéreo entre na lista de serviços obrigatórios de operadoras de rodovias no Estado de São Paulo. Esse serviço vem sendo prestado pela Polícia Militar, mas empresas privadas veem uma possibilidade para novos negócios.


Driving on an early May morning to Sandpoint, Idaho, to see the Quest Aircraft factory and then fly a new Kodiak 100 Series II to California, it was clear that icing conditions were not only forecast but likely in the wet gray clouds that shrouded the local mountains.


During a trip from the Quest Aircraft factory in Sandpoint, Idaho, to Santa Monica, California, chief demo pilot Mark Brown showed the new Kodiak 100 Series II’s off-airport capabilities with a stop and a flypast in the Black Rock Desert in northern Nevada, which is the site of the annual Burning Man arts festival.


Safran and Bell are partnering on a hybrid electric power system for the latter's urban air taxi eVTOL. Safran has been exploring the potential of hybrid solutions for future propulsion systems for “several years,” it said.


In today’s market, most manufacturers outfit new private aircraft with forward galleys, without an option for an aft galley. This configuration was once more common, and only one manufacturer, Gulfstream, still offers it.


With the addition of flight-test vehicle 4 (FTV4), the Bell 525 Relentless is on pace to achieve FAA certification later next year. (Photo: Bell Flight)


Pelo segundo ano consecutivo, o encontro anual das chamadas “Agências Regionais de Monitoração” (RMA – Regional Monitoring Agency) - organismos acreditados pela Organização de Aviação Civil Internacional (OACI) para monitorar as operações RVSM (em português, Separação Vertical Mínima Reduzida) dos voos em suas respectivas regiões - será realizado no Brasil.


The 2018 European Business Aviation Convention & Exhibition concluded last week in Geneva showcasing a strengthening and forward-looking European market with an increase in exhibitors overall, a strong showing of new exhibitors, a sold-out static display, and sessions highlighting the future of the industry.


Bombardier is displaying its newly designed Nuage seat for the Global 7500, 6500, and 5500 business jets. Under development for seven years, the seat is named after the French word for "cloud,” and the company believes that it breaks new ground in terms of ergonomics.


Honda Aircraft unveiled a new version of its light jet Sunday evening at EBACE 2018, the HondaJet Elite. More than just a cosmetic upgrade, the Elite expands the light jet’s performance envelope while adding interior improvements and significant updates to the Garmin G3000-based flight deck.


Air Hamburg orders more Embraer Legacy 650Es. L-R: Michael Amalfitano, president and CEO at Embraer Executive Jets, and Simon Ebert, partner, Air Hamburg.


For the past four years, Bombardier has fielded a Learjet 45 for on-the-fly maintenance in the U.S. The Canadian OEM is now adding a Challenger 300 for the same mission in Europe. To be based in Frankfurt, the jet will serve AOG customers in the EMEA region.


GENEVA, SWITZERLAND, May 28, 2018 - Today, a coalition of international business aviation organizations joined government officials to redouble their focus on advancing the development and adoption of Sustainable Alternative Jet Fuel (SAJF), reflecting the industry's long-standing commitment to emissions reduction, including, among other aims, carbon neutrality from 2020 forward.


O Conselho de Controle de Atividades Financeiras - COAF, com apoio da Escola de Administração Fazendária - ESAF lança curso de Ensino a Distância (EAD) sobre “Prevenção à Lavagem de Dinheiro e ao Financiamento do Terrorismo (PLD/FT)”, cujo objetivo é aproximar os fundamentos teóricos de PLD/FT ao dia a dia das pessoas supervisionadas, utilizando-se de conceitos, imagens e exemplos práticos para compartilhar informações relevantes sobre o assunto, de maneira didática e atrativa.


Setor sugere tratamento específico para aviação no projeto do RenovaBio do Governo Federal O Ministério de Minas e Energia tem investido no programa RenovaBio, que pretende reduzir as emissões de combustível fóssil e incentivar o uso de biocombustíveis. Entre os objetivos está o uso de combustíveis a partir de fontes renováveis na aviação comercial.


Textron Aviation is now in full production of its new super midsize Citation Longitude, and the company expects FAA certification any day now. Once certified, the aircraft will be the company’s largest to reach market to date, pending development of the now-suspended Hemisphere program.


Bruce Dickinson sings lead with the British rock band Iron Maiden, which formed in 1975 and has released 38 albums, many of which have achieved gold or platinum sales status in the U.S. and U.K. Dickinson joined the group in 1981 and has been with it ever since, with the exception of a six-year period beginning in 1993, when he left to focus on a solo career. He and his bandmates are currently on a five-month, six-continent tour to promote their first album in five years, The Book of Souls. They’re traveling-along with 12 tons of equipment-in a vividly liveried leased Boeing 747-400, dubbed “Ed Force One,” after the band’s mascot, “Eddie.”


JetSuite will be the launch customer for Zunum Aero’s 12-passenger hybrid-to-electric aircraft, the companies announced this morning. Through the partnership, JetSuite plans to add up to 100 Zunum Aero aircraft to its fleet.


The National Aircraft Resale Association (NARA) is working with aircraft brokers to establish standardization for letters of intent, requirements, and certifications. It is also launching a campaign to improve the ethical standards for pre-owned aircraft transactions. (Photo: Chad Trautvetter/AIN)


As the Rockwell Collins/United Technologies merger inches closer to European Commission (EC) approval, the market continues to assess the underlying shift it will cause with the creation of “super suppliers,” industry analyst Ronald Epstein, managing director of equity research at Bank of America Merrill Lynch, said last week. “I think it’s going to be really important to the OEMs in how they partner with suppliers on future aircraft and how the future aircraft are integrated,” he opined.


The International Business Aviation Council (IBAC) welcomed last week the decision by the Council of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) to raise the weight threshold requirement for aircraft with hardened cockpit doors from 45.5 tonnes maximum certificated take-off weight (MCTOW) to 54.5 tonnes MCTOW for those aircraft where the passenger seating capacity is 19 or fewer. The decision will allow the current and planned generation of ultra long-range business aircraft to reach their full operating potential.


First-quarter revenues at Bombardier Business Aircraft climbed 9 percent year-over-year, to $1.11 billion, as deliveries also ticked up by two units, to 31 aircraft, parent company Bombardier announced today. Profitability at the segment likewise soared 20 percent in the quarter, to $98 million.


Many factors play into planning a trip internationally and when deciding whether to coordinate the trip in-house or contract with a third-party service provider.


Aircraft that are owned and operated by businesses are often depreciable for income tax purposes under the Modified Accelerated Cost Recovery System (MACRS).


Ferramenta de consulta da ANAC facilita acesso a informações sobre demanda, oferta e tarifas aéreas Estudiosos, especialistas, aficionados em aviação civil, executivos do setor aéreo, jornalistas e público em geral poderão, a partir de hoje, dia 9 de abril, consultar e analisar informações do mercado de transporte aéreo de forma dinâmica e on-line, bastando, para isso, alguns poucos cliques pela internet.


A Embraer entregou essa semana o primeiro jato executivo Phenom 300E, que recebeu no primeiro trimestre as certificações da Agência Nacional de Aviação Civil (Anac), da Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) e da Agência Europeia para a Segurança da Aviação (European Aviation Safety Agency - EASA).


International cybercriminal gangs are targeting business travelers in Asia, Europe, and the Middle East, Universal Weather and Aviation chief information security officer Keith Turpin told attendees last week at the NBAA International Operators Conference in Las Vegas.


Business aviation is a productivity tool used by thousands of companies and organizations of all sizes.


Aviation analyst Brian Foley is optimistic that a formal launch of a supersonic business jet is coming closer. Aerion Corp. has been developing key technologies for its AS2 design for more than a decade. (Photo: Aerion Corp.)


A Associação Brasileira de Aviação Geral , ABAG, foi criada com o intuito de defender e promover os interesses de pessoas e organizações que operem aeronaves como forma de apoio a seus negócios de forma íntegra e profissional, angariando o reconhecimento da sociedade e do governo como seu legítimo interlocutor com a Aviação Geral.

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