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Success at ICAO Council

Dear all,

For the last three years, IBAC has worked with ICCAIA (the aircraft manufacturers' association), Bombardier, and Gulfstream to amend the ICAO standard in Annex 6 Part 1 to raise the weight threshold requirement for aircraft with hardened cockpit doors from 45.5 tonnes MCTOW to 54.5 tonnes MCTOW.


I'm very pleased to share with you an announcement from Peter Ingleton yesterday:


"We are delighted to inform you that today the Council adopted the Annex 6 Part I amendment proposal. The vote was 100% of those present  i.e 34 votes in favor...there were two Reps absent."


The adoption will facilitate full type certification and operational use of such aircraft as the Global 7000 and G650ER, applicable from November 2018.


The effort took much planning and execution work through the full standard-making process at ICAO.  Please join me in recognizing and congratulating Peter Ingleton and Michael Hohm for their knowledgable and capable shepherding of this proposal through a multi-tier, multinational process.


 Kurt H. Edwards / Director General


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