EPS Diesel is rapidly approaching the finish line for certification of its Graflight 8 engine.
31 de janeiro de 2019
EPS Diesel is rapidly approaching the finish line for certification of its Graflight 8 engine.

They have already manufactured multiple engines sets that conform to the drawings that were approved in the certification process. Their first conforming engine, serial number 1, is being used for certification testing. Serial number 2 has already been shipped to an OEM for testing and evaluation. Eventually, numbers 3 and 5 will be shipped to the same OEM. The Graflight Flat 8 can be configured to develop from 320 to 420 horsepower.


The copies being shipped to the OEM are rated at 385 horsepower. The EPS diesel is an entirely original, clean-sheet design with a prodigious list of outstanding innovations designed to reduce weight as well as pilot workload; while enhancing fuel efficiency and performance; increasing reliability and TBO hours; offering an incredible range of horsepower settings; and providing a substantial reduction in on-going maintenance requirements and costs. The engine synthesizes modern technologies in a configuration that substantially advances diesel engine performance. EPS anticipates production line activity by mid-year.


For further information visit: eps.aero.


Fonte: Bart International

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