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5 de abril de 2019

Nine months before operators must equip aircraft flying in US controlled airspace to signal their position by automatic dependent surveillance-broadcast Out (ADS-B Out), FAA has issued a statement explaining how it will handle non-equipped aircraft.


22 de junho de 2018

Safran and Bell are partnering on a hybrid electric power system for the latter's urban air taxi eVTOL. Safran has been exploring the potential of hybrid solutions for future propulsion systems for "several years," it said.


26 de maio de 2018

Setor sugere tratamento específico para aviação no projeto do RenovaBio do Governo Federal O Ministério de Minas e Energia tem investido no programa RenovaBio, que pretende reduzir as emissões de combustível fóssil e incentivar o uso de biocombustíveis. Entre os objetivos está o uso de combustíveis a partir de fontes renováveis na aviação comercial.


25 de maio de 2018

Textron Aviation is now in full production of its new super midsize Citation Longitude, and the company expects FAA certification any day now. Once certified, the aircraft will be the company`s largest to reach market to date, pending development of the now-suspended Hemisphere program.


23 de maio de 2018

Bruce Dickinson sings lead with the British rock band Iron Maiden, which formed in 1975 and has released 38 albums, many of which have achieved gold or platinum sales status in the U.S. and U.K. Dickinson joined the group in 1981 and has been with it ever since, with the exception of a six-year period beginning in 1993, when he left to focus on a solo career. He and his bandmates are currently on a five-month, six-continent tour to promote their first album in five years, The Book of Souls. They`re traveling-along with 12 tons of equipment-in a vividly liveried leased Boeing 747-400, dubbed "Ed Force One," after the band`s mascot, "Eddie."


18 de maio de 2018

The National Aircraft Resale Association (NARA) is working with aircraft brokers to establish standardization for letters of intent, requirements, and certifications. It is also launching a campaign to improve the ethical standards for pre-owned aircraft transactions. (Photo: Chad Trautvetter/AIN)


16 de maio de 2018

As the Rockwell Collins/United Technologies merger inches closer to European Commission (EC) approval, the market continues to assess the underlying shift it will cause with the creation of "super suppliers," industry analyst Ronald Epstein, managing director of equity research at Bank of America Merrill Lynch, said last week. "I think it`s going to be really important to the OEMs in how they partner with suppliers on future aircraft and how the future aircraft are integrated," he opined.


13 de maio de 2018

The International Business Aviation Council (IBAC) welcomed last week the decision by the Council of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) to raise the weight threshold requirement for aircraft with hardened cockpit doors from 45.5 tonnes maximum certificated take-off weight (MCTOW) to 54.5 tonnes MCTOW for those aircraft where the passenger seating capacity is 19 or fewer. The decision will allow the current and planned generation of ultra long-range business aircraft to reach their full operating potential.


9 de maio de 2018

First-quarter revenues at Bombardier Business Aircraft climbed 9 percent year-over-year, to $1.11 billion, as deliveries also ticked up by two units, to 31 aircraft, parent company Bombardier announced today. Profitability at the segment likewise soared 20 percent in the quarter, to $98 million.


16 de abril de 2018

Ferramenta de consulta da ANAC facilita acesso a informações sobre demanda, oferta e tarifas aéreas Estudiosos, especialistas, aficionados em aviação civil, executivos do setor aéreo, jornalistas e público em geral poderão, a partir de hoje, dia 9 de abril, consultar e analisar informações do mercado de transporte aéreo de forma dinâmica e on-line, bastando, para isso, alguns poucos cliques pela internet.


10 de abril de 2018

International cybercriminal gangs are targeting business travelers in Asia, Europe, and the Middle East, Universal Weather and Aviation chief information security officer Keith Turpin told attendees last week at the NBAA International Operators Conference in Las Vegas.


26 de março de 2018

Segundo dados divulgados pela Agência Nacional do Petróleo - ANP, as vendas acumuladas de gasolina de aviação (GAV) e querosene de aviação (QAV) no Brasil em 2017 mantiveram o histórico de redução apresentado desde 2014. No ano de 2017 foram vendidos 6,74 bilhões de litros, representando uma queda de 1,12% em relação ao ano de 2016.


22 de março de 2018

Bell is pursuing the development if its urban air taxi with the same rigor and discipline that it applies to a mainline helicopter program. That was the message from Bell director of innovation Scott Drennan at Heli-Expo in March. Drennan said Bell hopes to have a vehicle to market around 2025.


21 de março de 2018

Pressure on pilots to complete missions, poor training, complacency, fatigue, and apathy are among myriad factors that play into procedural noncompliance, and in turn can have devastating consequences, attendees of the 2018 Air Charter Safety Foundation`s (ACSF) 2018 Safety Symposium were told today.


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